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Thursday, 29 November 2007, 11/29/2007 09:26:00 pm

well, as i have said in the previous post ..went to Malaysia from last thurs to mon... well, woke up at 5 on thurs so tat we can beat the jam at the causeway (yawns ....!!!) anyway, we took a 6 hrs car ride ( we drove there ourselves and it include eatin time) to the bottom of Fraser Hill ( near Genting). From there , it took another 45 mins to reach the top cuz we got to travel pass winding roads up the hill ... it was really a challenge to drive through these roads... and my sis was like sayin it feels like Datona ...LOL.. yeah .. she drives.. so maybe she thought so ..
picture of the winding road... its a 2 way street btw..

there are seriously alot of blind spots..( as seen from the pic above... the road turns left... but we cant see cars travelling from there .. no mirrors or watsoever...) Anyway,, reached Fraser hill and realise theres nothing except a golf course, village, and many farms... visited the waterfall first... upon reaching there, we walk and walk and we only saw streams of water flowing in our direction tat we are walkin in .. so we were thinkin if the waterfall is at the back?? lol but we found it in the end as we walked on .... took photos there and didnt do much .. cuz i was in jeans and shoes???

after departin from waterfall, went to the village where the rather well-known clock tower is ... by then it was in the evening and the temp. dropped to 20 degrees... ate at a chinese restaurants .. tastes resonably and went back hotel ...

Me and the clock tower....
so coincidentally, theres a guitar concert at our hotel so we went to watch it ... haha... well i think they ( playin duets) played really well.... but i think guitar shld come wif an acompliment ... ( like singing or other musical instument) cuz otherwise very dry.... anyway,, these two performers really have local fans though ... and my sis found it quite nice and bought their CD and of course get it signed too LOL ... ( although we didnt noe who they are) ...
next day, went down Mt fraser and head for Bukit Tinggi ... not much there oso.. theres a botanical garden Jap style one ... and a castle wif shops inside there... this hill is abt 3500 ft ... quite high but not as cold as Fraser... anyway.. this hill resort is serene .. gd for relaxation..

The castle... wif shops in there....
Went downhill on the same day and head for The Mines... well, here got a big shopping mall, and it consists of stalls like Giordano and Hang ten ... ( same as Singapore except its cheaper haha) went there in the night and its quite unique .. theres a man-made river in the middle for boats ... these boats ferry ppl to the theme park... anyway, shop there for 3 hrs...? yeah quite long time ...
Pic of the "river"

stayed in The Mines overnight and i shall say the hotel is good... there is a very nice view from the rooms .. and the facilities are great... most of all ..the breakfast got wide variety of foods... very long never encounter such hotels liao

View from our hotel room...
well, wanted to swim in the pool there but i didnt bring swim wear .. lol .. since after shoppin got nothing to do .. watch ESPN.. and saw Tottenham vs West Ham match ... 1-1 ... gd penalty save by west ham keeper...haha
On the last day... took a boat ride to golden horse hotel...( across the lake shown in the pic above) .. its interiors are damn nice... after which travel through North South highway back towards S'pore... i shall say we were very lucky cuz when we travel towards KL and back ... we saw police escorts... and we followed closely behind .. so theres little traffic obstruction...lol
At last.. by night time we went pass causeway and its HOME SWEET HOME ...LOL ... ok .. actually stayin for one night before settin off to Arianda for class chalet... ( it will be the topic of the next post...) .. dis trip is very relaxing ...unlike most tat we went ... haha.. so now hoping time will pass quickly ( gg Europe this end dec ... ) haha byes..



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