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Saturday, 1 December 2007, 12/01/2007 10:46:00 am

well, went to Sitex 2007 yesterday at singapore expo... didnt buy anything though ... actually wanted to see the starhub cable TV ... but i think the bargin is not good enough for me to subscribe ...lol ... so wait lo... wait till theres one gd bargin...so continued walkin to help see my friend's com cuz he wishes to buy one... yeah .. and realise Dell only sells their better coms there ... (those above $1600) but of course .. the specs are better .. the com is zai-er for these prices .... after walkin around the halls ( hall 5 and 6 ) ... took an MRT to Changi airport ...where i saw this ... its a terminal 3 gate ... i think its undergoing testing ...

Singapore Airlines parking at the Gate

After walkin around the airport and takin numerous skytrians, took 27 and went home for dinner... but then ... my parents decided to eat out ... and at the same time go Sitex ...LOL ... so (recounting back ... i went to Sitex ... to Changi Airport ... then back home ... then go back to Sitex again ... ) ... so at 8.00 pm , i was back in Expo ... this time we couldnt find parkin lots... ( the carpark is closed cuz its full) .. in the end we mangaed to find one ... yeah ... must walk la... but this time , instead of lookin at coms... i was helpin my mum look for hp ... cuz shes gg to change one ... so went to Motorolla... Sony Ericsson ... Nokia... and i think my mum kind of like K850i and K810i ...lol ( my dream phones ..haha..) but anyway.. went to John little Sales oso... and bought some pants..haha... ..and after tat eat den go home ... phew.. cant believe i went one round and came back to Expo... lol

Anyway, i dun think i am gg to talk abt class chalet ...cuz theres detailed elaboration of it on kheng meng and Jun hong's blog and i didnt really take pic .. except for this one....

Gabriel and HH ... wat r they doing ???



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