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Tuesday, 1 January 2008, 1/01/2008 03:29:00 pm

Happy New Year Everyone .. !!! well, just touch down in Singapore yesterday at around 2pm... Backtrack 12 days from now... assembled in Changi airport at around 5am for my flight to Vienna, Austria. Took Qatar Airways to Doha, capital of Qatar and transit 2 hrs at the airport before takin another flight to vienna...

Qatar Airways taxiing on the taxiway in Doha
Reached Vienna at around 7pm local time ( vienna is 7hrs behind us and btw the flights have no personal inflight entertainment ) It was really tiring cuz it was a 13 hrs flight there (excluding transit). When we reached there, took a bus and head straight to the hotel....
Day 2
well, went to a palace which looked really like the versailles palace in Paris where the Treaty of Versailles was signed.. then went on a city tour (meaning our coach drive around the city while the tour guide explain all the buildings ...) and saw many horse carriages on the streets!!! couldnt recall wat happen after tat ... but in the evening, we went to the Christmas Market where they sold all sorts of food, decorations etcetc.
Christmas Market
Soon, we went to their shopping district.. kind of interesting there cuz u will see musicians playing on the streets.. some played on the recorder ...some played on the drums while others played the piano !!! Took a pic wif the person playin the piano behind ... she was playin Impromptu ( a diploma song )

Playing the piano in chilling winter

I would say it wasnt easy playin in the winter ...( btw the temperature was hovering at around -7 degress celsius ) it was REALLY cold!!! .. went around the shops and bought chocolates... the brand is Mozartafel (btw Mozart was borned in Austria , hence the brand name ...) shopped for nearly 2 hrs and then we went for a mini music concert ... basically they played Mozart songs etcetc. After tat head back to hotel...

Day 3

took a coach to Budapest, Hungary ...went to a village called Szentendre to shop and eat .... then took a cruise on the famous Denube River to reach the city centre ... the city skyline here is really brilliant .... buildings are brightly lit and they even have visualisers shining on buildings so tat theres colour patterns on it .... the pics below will show..

The city skylines... from the river

Visual effects on the buildings
Day 4
Ok... Basically today was a city tour around Budapest... alright .. i must say tat for today i forgot where i went cuz we basically walked and walked and visited many buildings which i didnt bother to noe wat it was ... (but day 6 onwards is much more interesting cuz we visting well-known landmarks ,, it will be on the next post ...) i could only racall gg to some churches and vistied a castle ..yup...

Day 5
ok .. today is another coach jouney to Krakow, Poland ... we were on the coach throughout the whole day wif a 3 hrs stop at Tatra Mountain ... Its between Slovakia and Poland.. this mountain is a ski resort .. so theres confirmed to have plenty of snow... btw it was snowin in Vienna in Day 2 as well cuz it was -7 degrees ... so obviously ... as most singaporeans would do , played wif the snow abit ... admire the beautiful landscape then went to eat our grilled fish meal on this mountain...
Snow resort
Another part of snow resort

so by the time we reached Krakow, Poland ... it was night and we went straight to hotel... our hotel is Holiday Inn ... ok ... day 6 onwards on be on the next posts cya



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