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Friday, 4 January 2008, 1/04/2008 06:29:00 pm

ok... heres another better photo of the snow resort ... mentioned in the last post in Day 5 ...

Ppl skiing behind ( quite tiny cuz quite far )
Day 6
Ok, basically today i was in Krakow, Poland and it was Christmas Day... All shops were closed but we went for sight seeing ... so more or less we didnt loss out haha... anyway ... today was a VERY long walk around its city ... we went to visit again many churches and historic buildings(too many to list down here ... and they werent tat recognised either ) In the evening, we have free time and we shopped(although all shops were closed) and went back hotel to eat instant noodles cuz today's dinner wasnt included in the itinary ...
Day 7
ok... heres where the most interesting part comes... especially for those who learned history in sec school... today .. we were suppose to set off to Prague, Czech ... but on the way we would visit firstly, a memorial ( if im not wrong ,,, its a memorial for the Jews who were killed during WW2 ..) and secondly .. the Auschwitz Concentration Camp ....

Pic of the memorial

ok .. after visiting the memorial, we went to the concentration camp where Hitler used to imprison Jews and kill them using the gas chamber .... Its located near Krakow, Poland. In here, we walked around the concentration camp where thousands were killed solely because they are Jews ... In some of the buildings u see in the pic, they contain real cutlery, hairs, photos, brief cases, shoes of those who went to this concentration camp during WW2. The tour guide told us gruesome things like ... hairs of all female inmates were cut and kept and later made into fabrics ( to make clothes etc. )... visited their bunkers ... which is located in camp B ... they have 3 camps altogether ... A, B , C .. we oso visited a spot where Jews were shot died .. the tour guide told us tat they were made to strip and in pairs of 2s , they were shot dead in front of the wall ...(which is the spot) .. later we oso saw several shelters for the German to seek refuge when American Bombers attacked into the camp...(though this was not the American's real purpose, they want to attack a chemical plant nearby... and only took photos when flying over the camp !!) and lastly in camp B , we saw the place where dead bodies were burned ... really a horrible past...
After tat ..oso visited camp A ... a large sprawling camp over here.. but same as camp B .. there are bunkers ...etc etc

Camp A

Camp B

Camp A

so... after the tour in Nazi Concentration camp, we continue on our bus to Prague, Czech. By the time we reach there .. again its night time and we head straight to hotel...

Day 8

ok ... so for today we toured the city centre of Prague... so we visited a place... yup .. i forgot wat it was .. but there are guards there ... and every hour they will change shift...

Pic of the Guard
then after tat vistied a church... when i went there .. i thought it looked so much like the Notre Dame church in France...

The church

next after tat ... we went into a small ancient street where there are shops... so we shopped there for awhile ... took photos...(althought i dun have it here ...) yup then proceed to the Prague Square .... their city centre... so here once again ,, lunch not included .. so we went to eat KFC !!! haha... ok nothing special ... except its more expensive.... : (

One of the churches in Prague Square

After tat ... went to a castle of one king who ruled a big empire... forgot liao la...hahabut anyway .. feel tat theres nothing much to see there... then after tat head back to Prague Square for shopping...

Night View of Prague Square

so after tat again ... go back hotel ... sleep.. haha... so day 9 onwards will be on the third and last part ... yup.... so cya then ....


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