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Saturday, 12 January 2008, 1/12/2008 12:48:00 pm

Day 9

ok.. today we made our way into Germany ... the state of Dresden ... well, went to see a palace .. and many buildings ... lol again i dun noe wat they are .... but i think they are architectually beautiful....

Me in Dresden...

grp photo... beside me are my parents and bro haha

and then after tat ... travel to Germany's capital, Berlin ... well we stayed in this hotel which is very modern ... even the toilet is so modern cuz the toilet bowl and the shower are separated... and the toilet bowl room got no locks...haha and the shower room .. as u can see from the pic below ..is made of glass.... hmm .. think u noe wat i mean...

the very modern hotel ...

Day 10

for history students in sec sch ... well u all noe abt the Berlin Wall ...and so i went on this day to visit it... well, it isnt tat tall... perhaps just 3.2 m like tat ... and the wall tat i visited is just a few parts tat werent torn down after the cold war ended....

Graffiti on the wall
and of course there are many nice graffiti too... as seen in the photo below...the small face which the dog is biting represent Karl Marx ... the inventor of communism .... soldiers climbing over the wall shows that the condition was so bad in USSR-controlled territory tat even they want to escape...

on sections of the wall tat was torn down after the cold war... there is a line (made of bricks ) on the floor tat marks where the berlin wall formerly was... the photo below will explain... since the wall stretched over many parts of Berlin , u can almost see these marks everywhere... (on the roads , pathways etc.)

the markings...

and as most history students would noe... there is 3 checkpts in the berlin wall... one of which is Checkpoint Charlie...the photo below shows this checkpoint .. there is a photo of a soldier at the back... one side of it shows a USSR soldier, the other american soldier.. the tour guide says tat these pics were put up cuz there was once a confrontation here between the two nations...

Checkpoint Charlie

after tat .. went to visit this memmoral ( i forgot who it was for) ... and then again for history students... visited the Reichstag.... the famous German Parliament tat was used by Hitler .. and still used till today..

the memmorial

the Reichstag

then after tat ..went for shopping... in their shopping district...

their very busy shopping district...

Day 11

nothing much for today ... went straight to the airport ...and took a flight on Qatar Airways back to singapore....

the plane i took ...

Day 12...

Back to singapore haha...tat sums up every thing cya ..


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