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Thursday, 7 February 2008, 2/07/2008 11:46:00 pm

ok .. shall talk abt yesterday which is wed ... well, reached sch early in the morning after spending the night at jun hong's house .. (details on jun hong's blog) den had CNY celebration in school ... and after that ... a TOTAL ANTICLIMAX ---- chem re-retest ... well... i think i 90% gonna sit for the re-re-re-test ... although the re-retest was just merely "fill in the blanks" questions .... but still haiz... u noe wat i mean ...

at night, my family had dinner (steamboat ) at our house .. before we set off to watch Ah Long PTE LTD ... well i will rate the movie 5.5/10 (sorry, jun hong for deferring so much from ur score.. haha... ) jus summorizing wat i feel abt the movie (the good and the bad) Good- there is some jokes which can make u laugh .. especially at the beginning where tat gang boss pointed the middle finger which is the injured finger... another part very funny is when at the end , mark lee stuff the gun in his pants and Fann fired shots from there... Bad- certain parts abit lame ... oso,, dun like it when they use animated pics to show fighting scenes ... and oso i think the plot is not very interesting as well ... so after tat .. went back home sleep ...

and as for today.. which is thurs ... woke up at 930 to start visiting house ... first went to my "big uncle's house" sorry, direct translation from chinese ... then after tat went "big auntie " house , then after tat went my grandma's house ... the list went on and on ... so i am very very tired now lol !! but anyway .. most of my visiting is done by today .. so nothing much left to do on fri anyway... hoping the cny pass by slowly .. cuz... after tat got to start studying for block test ... lol ..cya den !!



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