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Saturday, 8 March 2008, 3/08/2008 09:51:00 pm

woke up early today (though still late haha) to go to CDANS club cuz amos got some coupons .. so weiliang, him and me went there ... a long journey from AMK station ... took almost 40 mins... so the moment we reached there ... played bowling... (their lanes are good ... cuz the ball doesnt strays off if not enough power is applied...well-oiled i guess) .. and then we went to play Laser Quest ( which is something like Counterstrike except that the people are real (tats us !!) and instead of using bullets , we use lasers to aim at specific points ).. so inside this maze , suppose to shoot anyone we see ... very fun though i couldnt figure out when exactly my opponents died ... but anyway .... heres the score...

Before we went Laser Quest, and after we played bowling ... forgot to say tat ... we went to play the air rifle ... i seriously suck at tat ... take a look below and i think it speaks alot abt my shooting skills ... 4 off the targets ... only one within the black region... the other card yield even worse results .. and so the photo wont be posted here haha...

After playing bowling, air rifle and laser quest , went to eat .. .. the food is average ... and we sat down while watching the shows ... like Batman posing with children , and children playing hullahooks ( i noe i spelt wrongly ... but i guess its understandable wat i am talking abt..) and etcetc. after eating finish .. went to play some mini games and we all won several things ... like toy bears !! lol ... the best was the fishing game ... while many children was struggling to hook the items... Amos devised a way to hook it ... and he managed to ...( he broke record!! ) After tat... went to play golf .. at first we used the vouchers tat entitled us with 18 balls each ... and we played ... after tat decided to share cost and buy 100 balls to shoot... it was fun playing golf ... a difficult sport ... judging from today ... could hardly hit 50 metres on the first bounce of the golf ball... and most went into the water lol.... below are some photos ...


in total .. stayed in CDANS for nearly 5.5 hrs before heading to AMK to study ... Incidentally.. gg there seems to revive some memmories .. cuz last time my father was a club member ... anyway.. it was a fun day !! ( hopefully after blocktest can go play table tennis !!) .. another fun sport...



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