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Saturday, 22 March 2008, 3/22/2008 10:49:00 pm

Stayed at home throughout the day (except to go out for dinner) and felt very bored. Partially cuz i felt very guilty playing while the block test is still ongoing ... so as a result, i sat and stared at my table filled wif paper laying all over the place ... den i decided to go wikipedia to search for some interesting stuffs ... and it ended up keeping me occupied for the whole afternoon ...( pls dont think dirty btw ... its real stuff) .. The content may not appeal to all ... but definitely appeals to me ... so here are some interesting facts:

The most common phase of matter in the universe is not solid, liquid or gas .... It is a fourth state of matter known as plasma ... As u all noe, we have plasma TV ... tat does help us acknowdege this fact maybe??

Similar to how North pole have their negatives known as South pole, matter do have their negatives too.. known as antimatter.. so as a result .. u can have Antihydrogen, Antihelium ... when these antiparticles react with normal particles (ie Antihydrogen wif hydrogen) they annihilate themselves and produce lots of energy .. read that a fraction of a milligram of it is enough to power the United States for 2 days

And anyway, Protons do have their negatives too.. its called Antiproton... which is proton wif negative charge ...Electrons have Positrons .. which are electrons tat are positively charged...

And to add on .. most of the visible matter only accounts for less than 30% of all matter... the rest is called dark matter , which compose of things we do not noe ... heard tat dark matter exist anywhere .. even on earth ...

And theres this articles tat explanin how the 2nd law of thermodynamics help to explain why time must move forward instead of backwards ... its something got to do wif increase in entropy anyway..

Find all these facts surprising and interesting... these are the unthinkables tat really exist in the universe...



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