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Friday, 21 March 2008, 3/21/2008 09:23:00 pm

alright.. just watched these three clips tat i think most of u guys may have seen it before ... its on National Geographic Channel ... Anyway, it is about British Airways flight 009 which had flew over a cloud of volcanic ash at a height of 37000 feet (approximately 12 km ) above sea level in 1982 i think ...

One of the things tat fascinate me is the St Elmo's fire which the aircraft experienced... this St Elmo's fire happens in a place with strong electric potential difference (eg. thunderstorm or volcanic eruption) .. so as the plane flew pass the cloud of ashes, blue or violet light were seen on the window panel and other leading edges of the aircraft... This is caused by the ionisation of the air particles due to the electric surge ... causing the air particles to turn into plasma .. hence giving rise to the colour effect.. and read it tat since it occurs more readily on pointed objects, a cattle horn can have the St Elmo's effect.. so dun be surprised if theres colour above their horns ..lol ..

Back to the airplane, many say this incident is symbolic cuz it changes the way pilots are trained in future.. during tat time , no other aircrafts in history has been so badly damaged by volcanic ash .. the details are in the video attached .. but i think u guys gonna have a hard time buffering it ... three video total 0.5 hrs ..

i must say the pilots are really zai .. to have landed without any visual cues (as their windscreen is severely scratched by the particles) ... and they are really lucky cuz all their engines lost power during the flight ... and they manage to restart it in time before they make the decision to ditch the aircraft in the sea.. if they really ditch ... well , i never heard of any successful crash landing on water before... this video tells in detail wat happens throughout tat flight and the subsequent investigation.. really interesting..

and btw.. the video is arranged in order .. the top being the first .. followed by the middle .. and the last is the bottom one



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