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Wednesday, 26 March 2008, 3/26/2008 09:57:00 pm

Today was a very very interesting day .. 1) it marks the end of block test ...!! 2) The outing was FUN !!! hahaha... so today .. i screwed my physics paper not cuz i didnt study ( i tried !!) but i have runny nose during exam which affected my thinking process... so well .. on one hand .. i hoped the paper end quickly so i can get some tissue paper to sneeze and get out of the hall... but on the other hand, i didnt have enough time to finish ... so well ... watever ... its over ... Anyway... the great turnoff for today is i think despite finishing block test.. i am most certain im down for reblock-test ... jus to dictate abit abt after sch event today .. stayed in com lab and scrutinise blogs from our class with some ppl ... then talk cock ... den went PS to eat MAcs ... after tat more ppl join (as they went home to change) , we went to Minds Cafe ... play lots of games which was very alien to us ... very fun indeed ... there are lots of other games which we haven tried ... so hopefully we can go there more often ( though not like every week la ) and play.. quite cheap though ... $$5 +++ for 4 hrs of playing time with complimentary free-flow of drinks ... so ... after tat went home and watch singapore vs lebanon ... i feel that singapore got more chances to score more goals .. unfortunately ,, they missed (sometimes is open goal ) anyway ... 2-0 is a good enough score which many have predicted ... so well ... great job singapore !!! hahaha .. so now ... after the soccer match .. here online to blog .. and oso to settle some cca stuffs ... Lifes getting hectic ... especially wif A Level coming nearer ... salvage the time now ... and after A Level .. i think its seriously all fun and games ... but for now ... think gonna be down to earth .. especially wif the screwed up results from a screwed up test... (cant afford it any much longer ,, gonna gain momentum )



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