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Thursday, 3 April 2008, 4/03/2008 08:38:00 pm

This post is abt my own philosophy .. so it will be rather dry and boring!!!!!!!!!! :

Anyway, i think tat in everything tat we do, we need to achieve an equilibrium. so for example, while the ultimate goal of a student is to study, play should not be neglected because it is a vital part of our life... someone who only focuses on study may not have enriched their life as much as those who noes how to balance both work and play well... and to further add on, play is not totally useless ... Play allows us to rejuvenate and get prepared for the next " battle " to achieve even better results etcetc. Play encompasses many aspects .. one of which is social skills ... by playing with other people , u learn the art of communication which is essential when we go into the work force. In this sense, getting straight As is unimportant if u cant communicate well with other people. If ur drive to excel has caused u to lose much social skills, i think it is time to reconsider one's piriorty. (which means focusing less on one while putting more effort on the other)

Another thing is about recognition. One do not have to fight for recognition for due recognition will be given if u have the ability. So , for example, if u want ppl to noe that u r talented, do watever u r talented in to the best of ur ability ... Recognition will be given. u do not have to use other means to fight for it. if in tat field u have none, try hard but never try to manipulate and give the impression tat u r talented ... Facts will show and time will dig out the truth ..

After saying so much, i must say tat everyone has deficits .. i personally have my own deficits..in certain aspects, i am not achieving an equlibrium.. i shld not be elaborating here except tat one of which is im too slack ... the rest u will have to deduce ..haha.. but it is impt to remain modest .. it is useful in time to come ...


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