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Thursday, 24 April 2008, 4/24/2008 06:11:00 pm

perhaps i was hoping for something tat cannot be achieved... placing too much hopes in this world where its just simply ironic in almost any sense ... How strange , tat we humans are the ones who create the problems tat antagonise us .. and weird as it may be, we are also the ones tat create all the misery tat surrounds us ... wat for?? cuz we were taught to think about ourselves and nothing else.. or rather some may say its innate .. i dun noe... wat i noe, however, is tat i have been living under an idealistic mindset where everything falls into place naturally. How i wish there isnt A level? tat the weeks ahead would not be like the weeks before ?

Unfortunately, things cant be changed.. we are bounded by an invincible treaty to study, to do well , to ascend to greater heights. We cannot ignore this fact, that everyone has the hunger for success. They are not going to give in .. So, we are stuck in this world.. where studying is all that matters for a bright future. and wat are the expenses? We lose the freedom to do wat we want and pursue the activities tat we yearn for. Moral of the story? we just have to accept the reality of life ...

Seriously I have no idea why i am thinking about these things. Perhaps there are just too many wants that cannot be achieved in reality. Perhaps i have an obssession with other forms of happiness that doesnt come with studying. JC life is really like a whirlwind. Everything happens so quickly and in no time another phase, another chapter of my life is closed. I hope to go back to the past... but when i was the past, i hoped for the future. Ironic right? yes, everything is just ironic. i just got to accept the fact and move on. Perhaps the road ahead is a much smoother one...

And by the way, although the above may sound emotional, i am fine. Just venting my frustration at the apparent routine that i am bounded to and the enormous holes in my life that need to be filled up :)

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You know your place in the sky. You hold your course and your aim. And each in your season. Returns and returns. And is always the same. And if you fall as Lucifer fell. You fall in flame!
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