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Friday, 13 June 2008, 6/13/2008 01:00:00 am

Went to Cambodia for the past 5 days and watever tat i went, the stories, will be on the next few posts. Anyway, the first one concerns AVIATION!!! yup.. before gg to Cambodia, taking a plane is neccessary. So, got a chance to further explore the newly opened Terminal 3. First, i was very surprised at the size of terminal 3. i NEVER expected it to be so damn big. Take a closer look at the picture below. ( In terminal 3 itself, there is skytrain to ferry passengers to the gates ) For the other 2 terminals, there isnt ... (only inter-terminal skytrains). And on the map below, u can see tat due to terminal 3, there are many more skytains route throughout the airport.

And below is the skytrain tat operates within terminal 3. (which means its just built)

Skytrains aside, well, there is this FIFA concept store in terminal 3. Saw through their glass panel and they sell simlar things to Addidas and Nike. Couldnt go in cuz my plane was at the early hours and it haven open.

I think picture speaks louder than words. The two pictures below shows how big Terminal 3 is. The first one at the top shows an A380 holding gates. It has two level, so it enables easy access to airplane. I was walking towards Terminal 2 when i took this. so right at the very end of the pic, it is T2

This second one shows the skytrain station i said at the beginning... its on the left of the picture. and as u can see, for passengers whose gate is A18 and above, they have to walk damn far in order to reach .. so theres skytrain...

And at the end of terminal 3, theres this open air balcony for people to smoke. Luckily, the whole terminal 3 is rather empty , same as this smoking area. so went there ( not to smoke haha ) but to see planes! A boeing 777 Singapore Airlines.

So when the time was up, board my plane ( Jetstar Asia ) and it was delayed for a while cuz the center runway was under maintenace and so only runway 02L-20R was in use . so .. Plane Traffic Jam ... The plane cruised at about 400 knots = 720 km/hr and at an altitude of 35000 feet = 13000m. Reached Siem Reap within 2 hours ...

To be continued ...



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