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Friday, 20 June 2008, 6/20/2008 10:15:00 pm

Continuing from the previous post, reached Siem Reap at 730a.m local time (they are 1 hr behind us). The plane landed and reached the end of the runway, U-turned and taxiied on the runway to a perpendicular taxiway in the middle of the runway( they do not have a parrallel taxiway) . This is a manoevre known as Backtaxi. And since Siem Reap dun have aerobridge, got a chance to walk on the tarmac. Here is it- the Jetstar Asia that i took ...

And this plane was parked on the left of Jetstar Asia, think its refuelling..

And another plane... these are the only 3 planes i saw there .. a small airport indeed...

And the airport building.. think its quite nice .. A bit of uniqueness there...

Upon reaching the city, checked into the guest house (not a hotel). the difference is its much much cheaper at USD12 per day for one room .. Went for a walk around Siem Reap ... Visited the central market which sells many local clothings etcetc. And as we walked, we finally see something that we see often in Singapore - shopping centre. yup, they only have one in this city. And in there, they got Swensens ( only sells ice-cream ) and The Pizza Company which i ate on Day 2 of my trip.

When its time for us to go back to guest house (as we have a tour later) , a "tok tok " driver came and drove us back.

Took a tour package which will bring us to the Tonle Sap River. It may sound familiar to many of u , cuz it was the river where the dragon boaters drowned ... And it is a very very big river... many times of Singapore. Around this river, there are many slums and squatter settlements and the person who followed us on this tour (hes not a tour guide) says many who lives here are Vietnamese ... Although we associate such settlements to be a poor estate, it is surprising they own television and i heard them singing karaoke!!! Below are the pictures of Tonle Sap river ... and we took a boat to cruise this river..

The slums and squatters settlement.. Their houses are floating on the river.

The boat stopover at a floating house on Tonle Sap river... many of these floating shops/house rear crocodile ( i guess they caught it from the river itself)

And they have three levels and the picture below is where i am , at the top level.

the one on the left is the one who accompanied us on the boat tour.

Supposed to see sunset here ( many says its beautiful ) but unfortunately the sky was overcast and there wasnt any sun in the first place ... So after tat took a van to the city area where i ate at a restarant (with local performance ) .. and tats the end of first day .... the next 2 days i went to Angkor Wat .. ( guess many of u have heard before ) . It will be on the next post.



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