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Tuesday, 9 September 2008, 9/09/2008 03:42:00 pm

ARGH!! today marks the 2nd or third month i have not been to MSN ... feeling damn fed up wif my com.. Notice a cycle in which 5 months after i reformat my com , the same old problems come up ( eg. " memmory ... reference .... Oxc0000015 " error always come up ). This problem exist in my current hard drive. The other hard drive ... haiz ... couldnt access the net ... ( eg. TCP/IP error or something like tat la). theorectically, both my hard drives have different problems, and they are the same old problem tat existed for many years, but disappear after reformating.

My current hard drive is service pack 1. den went to download service pack 2 so tat can install msn ... but cant ...And the weirdest thing of all: When i switched from my old hard drive to this current one, the @ button seem to swop with the " button. So if u would have guessed it, i just typed the " button to display the @ sign and vice versa.

Guess my com is old (or antique?) . six years liao.. Its a Dell computer ... and i think to me, it has lived beyond its expected life span ... but i shall try to maximise its survivality by maybe one year ? Has been studying the trend of new computers now, and i shall say perhaps my next com by then should be enough to accomodate games like flight sim !! i have been tempted by recent 500 GB computers - TATS HALF A TERABYTE!!! And then 3 GB ram , plus Geforce 9 series graphics card ... ok , tats pretty enough for me ... perhaps adding quad-core would be good :)

Wouldnt be surprising by the time one year pass, it will be eight-core 8MB L8 cache , with 8 GB ram and 800GB?? All right , its just one year away... so lets see how much computer tech shall improve..



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