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Tuesday, 16 September 2008, 9/16/2008 10:17:00 pm

Today's newspaper was by far the most interesting i have read since i started reading many years back. Lehman brothers filed for bankruptcy, Merrill lynch was bought over at below market price and AIG requested for $40 billion foreign reserve loan. Then, there is 16 Sept deadline for the Anwar takeover.. Nearly spent 1 hr reading the newspaper. Well, of course, the concern would be AIG for many insurance policies etc etc were bought from there. It was also really surprising that major companies like Merrill Lynch can fall prey to this crisis. Throughout so many years, i always thought it was a robust company with deep reserves. Well, all can happen rite? just like how Lehman closed down abruptly.

Alright, two more papers to go. Gradually, i have no idea why.. i start to hate chemistry. Perhaps it is all the memmorising that makes it such a bad subject to me. This, as oppose to physics and mathematics, which requires not just pure memmorising, but critical thinking. I rather be a problem solver than be a regurgitator of memmorised notes. Anyway, screw it. I only have 2 months left with chemistry and tats all im gg to have. I will 'divorce' with chemistry for the rest of my life!! As for physics, i think its getting more and more interesting.

Just read many physics articles these few days.. And increasingly, the world we live in seriously is very weird. So in essence, they wrote tat gravity is not a force. Any inertial object will fall towards and accelerate towards each other due to spacetime curvature. So, this means that, without adding force, things accerlerate. And, due to spacetime curvature, from a point to a point in space, a straight line may not be the shortest course to travel. Well,the strangest thing of all, they say is this: suppose u pass one photon through the young's double slit. Proven by experiments, Interference occur. Fringes observed.. So u have photon, it interfere with itself??? Strange. To further add on, when a detector is placed at one of the slit to determine which slit the photon went through, no interference occur. This points to a fact tat if we noe which slit the photon travelled through, they will be no interference. So basically, in order to obtain interference, we must not noe the path of the photon.

The answer they give was simple.Without a detector, the SAI function wave superimpose each other, thus there will be bright fringes where probability of a photon hitting there is high. But with detector, probability of the electron passsing the slit is one. thus, SAI function becomes a straight line. So no superposition as photons travel towards the screen.

So moral of the story: if want to see interference, dun bother to noe where photons went through. cuz u just cant do both things together.



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