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Wednesday, 24 December 2008, 12/24/2008 09:47:00 pm

Arrived back from California in the afternoon yesterday. Quite fun cuz there were really good bargains for clothings ( 1 Levi's jeans cost 30 SGD ). Will be uploading photos in the next few posts..

A dampler to the trip was the snow storm that hit us when travelling to Las Vegas from Los Angeles. we were travelling on Interstate 15, going through a region known as Cajon Pass, when snow storm occured, causing the closure of many freeways in Southern California. We were kind of stranded in the middle of the highway for a few hours.

At first, there was Macdonalds' there so we could stay out of the chill. But unfortunately, it closes at noon due to the road closures. And we had to sit in the bus and wait for the road to reopen. And how unlucky we were, the snow just kept falling. i had never detested snow more than tat day .. Although it was good for photo taking, i must say we miss out on others cuz we wasted time here. In the end, after 6 hours of waiting, we had to head back to Los Angeles as the snow storm wouldnt subside. And it was hard time for our coach to travel cuz at times the wheel seemed to be stuck to the snow and a lot of engine power is needed to overcome it.

So at the hotel, we had to watch the news and very fortunately, the snow storm subsided the next day and the roads were reopened 24 hours after it closed. But still we wasted one day. The storm was one of its kind in almost 3 decades. well, its weather and nobody could control anyway...



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