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Sunday, 11 January 2009, 1/11/2009 10:17:00 am

Day 3: A whole day at Disney Resort. This resort includes Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure Park. This post will be abt the California Adventure Park one. The next post Disneyland. well, for one, this theme park got a area known as the Aviator's zone where the rides include a flight simulation (really good! ) here, u r strapped to a chair and they lift u up and make u feel as though u r traversing across the many exotic places in the world. Thumbs up for this ride!!!

Picture below shows the Aviators' zone

Hollywood zone below:

As for this tower above, its a ride i dont dare to take, but for many it may be just the kind of thrill that u wish for.. in there, u board a lift that ascends up to the top. and up there, they open the lift door to let u marvel at the scenery.. And ... just when u arent noticing, it plunges down.... ok ,,, below is another picture... taken while on a ride ... i forgot le..

Went to play Toy Story. Its really interactive. We took a cart (the one below ) and wear a 3d glasses. then we r suppose to use the gun to shoot down objects while on the ride. Scores are tabulated and the high score is shown when the game ends... really interesting ... Theres one at Disneyland oso... the ride almost the same except that u can rotate the cart 360 degrees to shoot at targets ... really interesting!!

Picture of the Adventure zone :

Went to watch a live show of Aladdin. Really nice too ... and i like it ... Its the exact stage performance of the show Aladdin. At night, watch the nightly Disney's Parade ( i said disneyland was better than universal studios cuz disney has parades and fireworks which are really good. Based on rides, however, universal studios is still better ) Below are pics of the parade at Disney's California Adventure Park.. Disneyland got their own separate parades.



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