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Tuesday, 6 January 2009, 1/06/2009 11:16:00 am

Took a tiring 16 hours flight to Los Angeles where we first visited the Pacific Coast. Overlooking the large patch of sand is of course the Pacific Ocean.

Then visited the Staples Center- the home of the LA Lakers basketball team. And tat ends the first day.

Went to Hollywood Boulevard the next day and they have these walk of fame where Hollywood stars can plant their name there. Heres Michael Jackson

Next, went to Universal Studios Hollywood. Went to take the Studio Tour. Here, we took a tram which brought us to many movie studios. The tram oso went on to a collapsing bridge ( when we were on top, it will simulate a collapsed bridge, so u can feel the tram sink downwards suddenly.) Then the tram took us to see some fire display like this below

Oso visited a simulation of flash flood where u see gush of water splash towards the tram. Next, theres a display of Fast And Furious where they simulate how they film movies of gun shots on to the ground and an explosion on a car... the pic below was taken after the show, so nothing spectacular in the photo... but it was good if u have seen it...

We os visited a simulated Earthquake MRT station where u can feel the entire tram rock and roll while flash flood splah towards u ... It was highly releastic ....but no photograh cuz too dark to take photo ... Soon after , went back to the theme park and took some photos

Watch a live show of Waterworld. I must praise this show cuz the performers are really well-train. They fall into the water from like 3 story high very naturally ,, and i mean naturally!!! And they simulate a plane crash into the theatre, the plane just flew in and land right in front of us... u couldnt see any cables attached ... till now , i wonder how they did it ... perhaps i think they calculate the projectile motion or something like tat ... below are pics of the waterworld live show...

Other rides that i took include The Simpsons, Terminator 3D , Backdraft etc . Some like Jurassic park took before le so nvr went to take again. But all in all, Universal studios TRASHES Escape flat. ( i think disneyland is better than universal studios though AND Japan's disneyland is better than Disneyland in hollywood ) and if u want to noe wats the ride abt, wikipedia is the ans ...haha... for now cya ...



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