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Wednesday, 9 September 2009, 9/09/2009 08:15:00 pm

This blog could well be dead ..maybe no one reads it .. but anyway, i have alot of sudden thoughts and i have the urge to pen down watever comes to my mind. Thinking back, i have always wanted to fast forward to university life- im sick of my present life. With all the routine and staring into the sky, its getting boring. And it could be mentally tiring due to the lack of sleep.

But wat ppl say abt uni life is nothing positive. So i dun noe whether i wish time to go faster or slower. At present, i am bound to miss major events ( Chinese New Year, Christmas, Class Outing etc ) Planning to go out is already a chore simply cuz i work shift and there isnt a fix date im free. But fast forward one year, i dun noe if i would really enjoy the days ahead. Ppl complained abt stress in uni and tat its even tougher than JC .. I do not noe.. But one thing i hope at least is tat when the time comes, everything could go as planned- THe place i wanna work until uni starts and of course uni life in itself be a memmorable one. Hopefully all goes well..

Although these few months was tough, it taught me something important. It was to cherish. To cherish not just the time we have, but the ppl around us. Unfortunately, i didnt really do the two to the fullest. It is amazing tat i could do so many things in 2 days now. And taking time to bond with ppl around was simply amazing. To this, I regretted the amount of inaction i had cuz i didnt utilise wat i had and live life to the fullest .. But I will change and be more forthcoming.

If anyone chances upon this, i would oso like to say that this is NOT an emo post. I AM in a perfect state of mind. Just letting my thoughts run through- im sure everyone has their own thoughts too!!



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